Mergers and acquisitions

  • Company Valuation
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Demergers
  • Leverage Buy Out
  • Management Buy Out
  • Brands Valuation
  • Business line Valuation
  • Splits

Timeline General Process


K&V BANCA DE VALOR provides accompaniment to foreign or multinational companies so they can enter to the Latin-American markets.

Corporate Finance

Legal advisory

Commercial Law. Constitution, transformation, merger or division of companies, development of commercial establishments, subsidiaries, agencies and branches; agreements and partnership models - Joint Venture, Consortium, etc. -; Securities; regime restructuring and insolvency, arbitration and national and international reconciliation, among others.
Corporative Law. All events related to the highest corporate body - Assembly of Shareholder or Shareholders' Committee - and any other collegiate body - Board of Directors, Committees, etc. -
In private law, civil and commercial contracts, national and international, and public law - competitive bidding, direct contracting and selection on merit brief.
Channeling currency under different modes defined in the law, Foreign Investment, Foreign Debt, Imports of goods and services, etc. - And compliance with regulatory requirements set by the central area.
National-Taxation of national and territorial - and internationally double taxation, foreign investment, among others.

Project Finance.