Why K&V Banca de Valor

To know the Companies value, as well as to understand the effect that the variations of the value drivers have upon it, allows its partners to make the right choices and decisions, since they can consider with all the information every important factor that generates or destroys value in the Company.

Likewise it provides every businessman complete tools in order to avoid that the decisions are taken over partial information, like the sales, net income or margins of profitability.

It is very important to identify in a proper way the value chain of the Company and to manage each of its nodes to generate more value. The philosophy of Banca de Valor is orientated to teach the businessmen how to identify, manage and monitor the value drivers of their businesses.

There are world wide accepted techniques to determine in a very precise way the value of a certain Company or project, from time to time, and not only in events of sales, acquisitions, mergers or splits. Based on its experience K&V BANCA DE VALOR will help you to optimize the value of your Company.